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​About Marco Polo Laundry

We started in the business by taking on small commercial laundry accounts.  We didn't own a laundromat so we used different laundromats in San Jose to launder our accounts.  We found many of these laundromats to be dingy, often unattended and many with broken-down machines.  One day, while my wife was doing her commercial laundry at a less than stellar laundromat, she almost got attacked.  There was no attendant there to help her.  She came home and told me that she would be "out of this business" unless we bought our own laundromat where we would have more control of the kind of people that would come into the business.

And so, we found a laundromat that was for sale.  It needed work, but we figured we would gradually upgrade it and make it the kind of laundromat that people wanted.  It would be clean with new equipment.  It would be attended.  It would be light and bright for safety.  We started working on our plans and were gradually improving the business until one day 11 months after purchasing the laundromat, it caught fire.  We lost everything.  And we found out we were under insured.

So, we took out loans and rebuilt the nicest laundromat that anyone could build.  We put in all new washers and dryers.  We put in a card system.  We put in ozone to disinfect everybody's wash.  Now, Marco Polo Laundry is a beautiful laundromat that we take pride of ownership in.   We have wonderful, quality customers that want a nice place to launder their clothes.  Now, we look at the fire as a blessing in disguise because it made us create this beautiful laundromat.  We are continuing to grow our laundromat by adding FREE laundry pickup and delivery.  You'll find it very easy to schedule your pickup!