What Our Customers Are Saying

A very clean place & machines work, very friendly staff, the machines get sanitized by staff after each use. Vending machines provide everything needed for laundry, if you forgot to bring your own stuff. Great parking right in front, always spots available. I drive 18 minutes to get here. There are closer laundromats available to me, but I choose this one.

I never thought that one of my favorite places to go would be a laundromat! I have been coming to this place for about 4 years now. It was decent before. The machines ran well, it was usually clean and most of the staff was nice. But under new ownership, and a complete remodel, this place is incredible! The machines are more efficient. They run more quietly and they run off of a card system so no more $18.75 in quarters in your pocket in hopes there is enough! The folding benches are raised slightly to save your back a little bit! They have plug in stations for your phone throughout the place! There is comfortable seating throughout! Which is all great, but is nothing compared to the service of the owners! It's been a long time since I've walked into a business and been greeted with a smile by name! You seriously need to check this place out! It's not Disneyland, but it's as close as you can get in a laundromat!

I went to Marco Polo Laundry for the first time today. I was there about 30 seconds and Beatrice, the owner, asked if I needed help. She walked me through the process and was incredibly nice and helpful. All the machines look brand new and the entire place is spotless. The place is great! Thanks Beatrice.

New favorite laundromat. Definitely will be coming back and HIGHLY recommend. Great prices and amazing customer service. 5 stars.

Exceptional service. The remodel on this location is fabulous. Friendly owner and establishment is pristine.

It is a surprise discovery of this laundromat. Love the trendy, modern designs and the super friendly worker will make you forget about you are doing laundry there and most importantly it is super clean. Also it makes a huge difference that you could get a laundry card with your credit/debit card instead of carrying tons of quarters. Now I just love to hangout there.

Amazing customer service by Marco and his wife. They were welcoming. The moment I entered the shop and offered me help to unload the laundry from my car. You can also drop off your clothes and they can take care for you to put it in the dryer and when you return, the laundry is ready to be picked up. This will become my permanent spot with no doubt. Thank you for your service, guys, and the place is super clean!

Very clean and very nice, great prices! This is definitely going to be my new place to do laundry!

This laundromat is the best friendly staff everything is new and super clean.

I just met the owner and this is a wonder facility. It's clean. Everything works. It's nice to be here.

Always clean and employees are nice.

Very clean and friendly staff.

Super clean and all new machines and dryers.

Very clean laundromat. The owner literally cleaned the machine right after each usage. Very chill and homey atmosphere with cute greenery decorations. On top of that the owners are very attentive and friendly if you need any help.