Marco Polo Laundry Now Offering Pickup & Delivery Service

August 18, 2020

Pickup And Delivery Laundry Van Min Min

Marco Polo Laundry is now offering pickup and delivery service. It doesn't matter if you are a commercial or residential customer, we will now drive to you to pick up your laundry. So, why are we offering this service?

As you know, we are in the age of computers and deliveries. Most of us order from Amazon rather than shopping at the mall. Many of us order our food from our local grocery store and have it delivered. A lot of us order from our local restaurant and have the food brought to us. Our society is changing.

So what brought this change about? We are a busy society. Most families have both adults working full time. When a person finishes work, there are many chores to do at home. You need to go to the grocery store and cook dinner. You need to do laundry. You may need to pick up items for your children for school.

It's hard to accomplish all this when you have a full-time job. And people with children want to spend time helping them with homework, talking to them, playing some games with them and being an attentive spouse or parent. Well, you can't do it all. So, people are looking for shortcuts. They are looking for ways of taking away some of the daily burdens so they can spend time with family and friends.

And then on top of it all, the pandemic started. Many of us are in the high-risk group that wants to shelter in place as much as possible. Letting us pick up and deliver your laundry keeps you from the exposure of being in a laundromat with other people.

Marco Polo Laundry is helping you to do just that. We will pick up your dirty clothes and return them the following day nicely washed and folded. Imagine your life without laundry. What will you do with all of your spare time?

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